Twelve-year-old Dylan Puccetti is no stranger to invention. The middle schooler already has two patents under his belt. And he has put his math and computer skills to good use once again by designing an app that can help users in an emergency.

With Puccetti's new SaveMePro app, users can send a customized emergency text to several people at once, with a few clicks of the power button. For 99 cents, users can download an in-app feature that also sends a GPS map detailing your location along with the text.  

Puccetti came up with the idea after hearing about Jessica Cain, a friend of Dylan's dad who disappeared from Galveston County, Texas, in 1997 as a teenager. Dylan's dad commented that he wished Cain had had an emergency button to call for help when she needed it. So that is exactly what Dylan created. With the SaveMePro app, users simply tap the power button eight times and an emergency message and a map are instantly sent to the chosen emergency contacts.  

The app was created with a kidnapping situation in mind, but you could also see how it would be helpful for a senior who is prone to falls or a college student who suddenly feels uncomfortable at the party she's attending.  

Here's more about the app and its wonder-kid creator:

Texas tween creates lifesaving app for emergencies
Dylan Puccetti's new SaveMePro app can instantly alert friends and family when trouble occurs.