TV personality Jenny McCarthy's 12-year-old son recently called the police from the back seat of the car to report that his mother was texting while driving in the front seat.  The actress told the story on her radio talk show, explaining that she responded to her son's phone call by promptly throwing her phone out the window.  Sure, her story was funny, but it also serves as a reminder that - despite the constant warnings - texting and driving is still as popular of an activity as ever.

Studies show that within the next two years, distracted-driving related deaths will exceed those caused by drinking and driving.  What will it take to get folks to put down the phones and pay attention to the road? 

How about a little visual info...

Some Facts about Texting and Driving

Still tempted?  Put the phone in the trunk or the glove compartment while you are driving.  Out of sight will mean out of mind.  And it will ensure that you - and everyone in your car - stays safer on the road.

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