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5 gadgets to protect your home this winter

By: Katy Rank Lev on Dec. 3, 2010, 12:35 p.m.
device cleans gutter on house


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Gutter-cleaning robot

People don't often think of their gutters when preparing their homes for winter, but last year’s Snowmageddon should serve as a reminder of the dangers of an ice dam and the risks of clogged water spouts.

Scared to climb up there and dig out nine months' worth of gunk? iRobot makes a product to do that for you. The Looj robot scoots along your gutters, plowing debris up and over the sides for you to rake up. For a greater geek factor, iRobot can package the Looj with a robotic vacuum, the DirtDog, which will clean your garage or basement floor for you while you browse the Internet. The Looj robot costs $150; the Looj-DirtDog combo costs $230.