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7 eco-friendly ways to keep your home safe while you're traveling

By: Ashley Chase on Aug. 18, 2011, 1:07 p.m.
pile of newspapers in driveway

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Suspend your newspaper subscription

Nothing says "no one's home!" (and "waste of paper") louder than a driveway or doorstep crowded with newspapers. If your house-sitter doesn't plan to read it in your absence, contact your paper and set up a suspension for the duration of your trip. Some papers, including the New York Times, offer credit for the period of your suspension, or allow you to donate your subscription to schools during that time. If you're not gone long enough to suspend, make sure your sitter recycles the papers (and mail) that come. (Smaller, hyper-local publications that you don't subscribe to may come anyway, so make sure your house-sitter retrieves those and recycles them, as well.)