Automobile insurance can seem a bit complicated at first glance. Do you need collision coverage, liability insurance, medical payments coverage or comprehensive coverage? How do deductibles work? In this video, Allstate answers these questions and more. Auto Insurance Made Simple educates customers in terms that are easy to understand.

Many different types of coverages are available. Some are optional, while others are required in certain states, but all of them are based on one simple fact: accidents happen. If you're at fault, you could be held legally responsible for any injury or damage you cause. Paying for the costs of an accident, including medical bills, gets expensive quickly. That's why making sure you have the right coverage is important.

Auto Insurance Made Simple explains the difference between various types of insurance. For example liability insurance helps protect you from losing your savings or home to pay for accident damages while collision coverage helps pay for repairs or replacements to your own vehicle if you collide with another car or an object like a building or tree.

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Auto insurance made simple: Demystifying deductibles and coverage options
Gain knowledge and feel more confident about the policy you've purchased with Allstate's Auto Insurance Made Simple video.