The 2013 Dodge Challenger may make an appearance on future fiery vehicles lists after this weekend’s recall announcement. About 2,500 owners of Challengers equipped with a V-6 engine that were manufactured over an eight-week period that ended on Jan. 24, 2013, are being advised, “not to park their vehicles in or near any structures” due to a fire risk.

A total of 4,459 Dodge Challenger 2013 vehicles are affected by the recall but 1,900 are still on dealer lots. A wire harness could overheat and possibly lead to a fire. Chrysler knows of seven incidents since the recall started in which the wire harness short-circuited but no injuries have been reported.

One of the seven incidents might have occurred in Van Nuys, Calif.  Last month, a musician named Piggy D. posted a tale of a dream muscle car purchase gone wrong on his Facebook page as well as the forum.  

“For some reason the world looks brighter through the windshield, and Hall and Oats on Sirius radio never sounded so good. Now this is just the first 3 minutes on the way home! As you round the corner onto Burbank Boulevard, you feel unstoppable, perhaps even 'cool' just for a minute. The Sun has started to set as you arrive at the stop light at Burbank and Fulton. Lets put the headlights on … then without warning ... zzzzzzzz ... pffftttttt ...”

After purchasing his dream car, a V-6 Dodge Challenger, the muscian's vehicle caught fire just minutes after leaving the dealer’s lot. Everyone made it out safely and the short-term Dodge Challenger owner received a full refund.

Chrysler has not confirmed that Piggy D.’s vehicle was one of the seven confirmed fires that led to the recall, but the company has confirmed that a wiring harness could short-circuit and cause a fire, which prompted the recall.  Chrysler will be contacting the 2,500 owners directly, by phone and by mail, to set up a service appointment. In the interim, loaner vehicles will be provided to affected owners at no charge.

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2013 Dodge Challenger recalled due to fire risk
Dodge is recalling nearly 4,500 2013 Dodge Challengers and warning 2,500 owners to avoid parking the vehicle near a building.