A 16-year-old girl survived a small plane crash in the rugged North Cascades mountain of Washington state, then made her way through dense forest for two days until she was able to flag down help.

Autumn Veatch, 16, had been traveling with her step-grandparents, Leland and Sharon Bowman of Marion, Montana, when their plane crashed. Autumn initially chose to stay with the plane but then thought she should go for help, according to a report from The Seattle Times.

There's no official word on the status of the older couple, and searchers are still looking for them and the wreckage.

Leland and Sharon BowmanThe Washington State Department of Transportation released this photo of Leland and Sharon Bowman, who are still missing after their plane crashed. (Photo: Washington State Department of Transportation)

David Veatch, Autumn's father, met reporters outside the hospital, saying his daughter was dehydrated and exhausted but doing well.

"She's just an amazing kid," Veatch said. "She's very gifted. There's more to her than she knows. I keep trying to tell her that, but she doesn't believe me. Maybe now she'll understand what I see."

Amber and David Veatch in the hospital after plane crash Veatch said he and his daughter sometimes watch survivor shows together, and both believe the tips Autumn picked up helped her.

"She definitely picked up that you're supposed to follow a stream down to civilization," he said.

According to The Seattle Times, Autumn followed draining water down to a river, then followed the river downstream to the nearest road. A driver picked her up and drove her 30 miles to a general store where employees called 911 and paramedics took her to the hospital.

"I'll tell you this, from all of us here — we're just impressed with her," Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers told King 5 News in Seattle. "She's kinda like a superhero. Just amazing us what she went through — especially at 16. Enough for an adult — but at 16, its pretty impressive."

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Photo of Autumn with her father and friends: King 5 News

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