With so much crime in many areas, a good home surveillance system will help you know that your home and family are protected from harm. A good security camera is an essential element of any security system, and TopTenREVIEWS reviewed the best security cameras on the market. These security cameras can offer protection from theft and other crimes during the day, and even at night with infrared features.

"A good home surveillance system can help protect your family," said Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of TopTenREVIEWS. "Adding a security camera to your home can provide your family with added peace of mind."

The top 3

1. Lorex: The Lorex security camera system takes the top spot, winning the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for its impeccable help and support options, ease of use, and compatibility with many smartphones. Additionally, the many features and recording and viewing options push it to the top of the list. For example, the Lorex automatically switches to infrared recording when low light is present. It streams video recordings to a computer or a mobile application, as well.

2. SVAT: SVAT offers quality cameras and a plethora of help and support options. SVAT's security camera system also ranks high due to its quality image resolution at 720 x 480, and its DVR is compatible with both computer monitors and televisions.

3. Security Labs: Top-of-the-line camera features and stellar recording and viewing options earn Security Labs the third slot in the review. Security Labs home surveillance system is powerful and effective, with a capturing resolution of 720 x 480 and a large DVR hard drive capacity. Security Labs home surveillance also comes equipped with a monitor and a hefty four-year warranty.

What Makes a Top-Notch Security Camera?

The best security cameras are effective at providing home surveillance and boast a plethora of camera features as well as help and support options. Top cameras rank well in the following four criteria.

Camera Features: High-ranking security cameras offer many camera features, including infrared and motion activated capabilities. Security cameras with infrared LEDs are perfect for low light and night monitoring. Additionally, high-resolution cameras provide the best picture quality.

Recording & Viewing Options: The best security cameras include a large capacity DVR hard drive, allowing for storage of surveillance video. Viewing options should include TV compatibility, VGA connectors and network transfer abilities. Top security cameras also offer the option of viewing video via a mobile app.

Ease of Use: Top-of-the-line security cameras should be easy to use and operate. A do-it-yourself system is ideal, though it requires easy navigation and well-documented instruction on how to set up the home surveillance system.

Help & Support: It is essential that security camera manufacturers offer many different ways to get help and support. Look for companies that include a good warranty and offer telephone and email support. The best manufacturers also provide FAQs, a user manual and a live chat option.

The best security cameras offer top-of-the-line features, excellent recording and viewing options, and help and support options. A security camera can help protect your family and property from theft and other dangers.

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