I am officially allowing the words “last-minute” to enter my vocabulary this week. I started getting PR e-mails right after Thanksgiving that wanted me to make you panic about the lack of shopping time. I saw no reason to panic.

There still isn’t a reason to panic, but there is a reason to get to that shopping. Christmas is only five days away. You can still get your shopping done, especially if you choose local gifts like these: 

  1. CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership
  2. Cooking class at a local cooking school/store
  3. Bottle of dessert wine from a local winery
  4. A growler of beer from a local brew pub
  5. Tickets to a walking food tour in a nearby city
  6. A gift certificate to a local, independent restaurant that supports local farms
  7. Real maple syrup
  8. Locally made cheese
  9. A local restaurant’s cookbook. (Most restaurants that have cookbooks sell them at the restaurant.)
  10. A pound of coffee from your local, independent coffee house — if it’s locally roasted coffee, all the better.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

10 last-minute local gifts for food lovers
It’s too late to order Christmas gifts online so go local, really local, for those last minute gifts.