Our days are increasingly clouded, sometimes windy, and the air is crisp. These are the perfect days to enjoy a hot drink, a drink that warms you down to your toes. I prefer to avoid the many ultra-sugary hot drinks out there, and instead stay with the more simple basic hot drinks when out. Or, even better, make my own at home.

Here are some healthier recipes that you also just might find hitting the spot.

  • Pumpkin Warmer: Another hot drink that utilizes pumpkin — without the coffee — is this simple drink.
  • Rooibos Chai Tea Concentrate: Keep this concentrate on hand, and you can make yourself an easy cup of chai just how you like it whenever you like.
  • Look people, it’s never too early to start drinking eggnog in my opinion. But what about enjoying it hot? This Eggnog Latte may just hit the spot for you!
  • Hot Buttered Lemonade: I may try this will a little honey instead of the sugar, for an ultra soothing hot drink.
13 healthy & delicious hot drinks to try
The air is getting crisp. Warm up with these varied and yummy hot drinks.