These personalized coffee creations are too awesome to drink.

Lucky cat latte art

Photo: Motohiro H/Flickr

From Cafe Fresco, Tokyo, Japan

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Latte art reads 'u suc'

Photo: Chris Blakeley/Flickr

From El Diablo Coffee, Seattle, Wash.

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Heart latte art

Photo: John Prince/Flickr

A sweet latte (he)art

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Butterfly latte art

Photo: sui sea solitaire/Flickr

A simple butterfly

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Mickey Mouse latte art

Photo: clio1789/Flickr

From Cafe Jamin, Osaka, Japan

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Swan latte art

Photo: Eric Parker/Flickr

From Manic Coffee, Toronto, Ontario

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Pac-Man latte art

Photo: Stephen Coles/Flickr

From Local 123, Berkeley, Calif.

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Indian Chief latte art

Photo: Michele Roy/Flickr

From Brûlerie Limoilou, Québec

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Winking girl latte art

Photo: Martin Jopson/Flickr

From a café in Kyoto, Japan

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Celestial themed latte art

Photo: GoToVan/Flickr

An entrant in a latte art competition at Blenz Coffee in Vancouver, British Columbia

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Jack-o-lantern latte art

Photo: DB Tobasco/Flickr

A festive jack-o'-lantern latte

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Robot latte art

Photo: Jennifer Morrow/Flickr

Created by Oleksie Pikalo at Maker Faire 2013

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Bunny and bear

Photo: Robert Engberg/Flickr

From Altura Coffee in Albany, New Zealand

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Koala latte art

Photo: mmmsedap/Flickr

An adorable koala peeks out of this latte from a café in Tokyo, Japan

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Reindeer latte art

Photo: Martin Jopson/Flickr

A seasonal reindeer floats atop a latte from a café in Kyoto, Japan

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Patrons' portraits in latte art

Photo: bowenmurphy/Getty Images

One café in Akureyri, Iceland created portraits of its patrons atop its lattes

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Lion latte art

Photo: Weslie Leung/Flickr

A wispy lion, from a café in Tokyo, Japan

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teddy bear latte art

Photo: Yoichiro Akiyama/Flickr

From Yoga Club, Tokyo, Japan

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Cat trying to escape latte

Photo: Iana Peralta/Flickr

From Figaro Coffee Company

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