We woke up to snow on the ground again, after several weeks of spring-like weather. Whether you are enjoying more pleasant weather, or are still knee-deep in snow, these hot drinks will warm you to your toes.

I've always loved hot tea and now coffee (organic and fair trade) has made its way into my life as well. My idea of a good time is to cuddle up with some soft blankets, open a favorite book, and sip something hot. Today is much more likely to contain dripping wet kids, drying off floors, and lots of laughter. That's a good day, too. And a day just as much in need of a hot drink. (I am going for the fifth one listed below, I think.)

1. Classic Homemade Hot Cocoa: Because really, who of us doesn’t enjoy this old favorite?

2. Hot Buttered Rum: This rum-spiked classic will really warm you up. Hot Buttered Rum is an old favorite.

3. Chai: Drunk in all weather traditionally, I especially love hot chai when it’s a a bit chilly outside. The spices in the drink seem to make it even more warming.

4. White Spiced Coffee: Gently spiced and brewed in milk, this lightly sweetened coffee can also be given a touch of rum.

5. Creamy Turmeric Tea: This tea is a yummy change. Both rich and flavorful, it's perfect for a day like this!

5 hot drinks to warm the body and soul
There's nothing like a hot drink to warm you up on a chilly day.