Have you heard that Pope Francis is coming to Philadelphia next week? I live in the region, and it's all anyone can talk about. Local businesses are making the most of the visit, which is expected to bring millions of pilgrims to the city, by creating a host of "holy" souvenirs like bobble heads, T-shirts and even shot glasses. Local craft breweries are getting in on the excitement by creating limited-edition beers to celebrate his visit.

Here's a six-pack of some of the regional beers created to celebrate the arrival of the holy father:

Philadelphia Brewing's Holy Wooder: The name of this Belgian Style Triple has nothing to do with wood. It's a tribute to Philly-speak and the way the local's pronounce the word "water." According to the brewery's Instagram page, Holy Wooder is a limited, draft only beer that "guarantees to cleanse your soul and set you on a path to righteousness."

Flying Fish's Nope: Not everyone is heading into the city. Those who want to avoid the crowds say, "Nope, I'm not going." Flying Fish in Somerdale, New Jersey, is embracing the fact that it's not located in Philadelphia, inviting people to come to the brewery to enjoy Nope, which is an IPA. Brewery's founder Gene Muller told Forbes, “We say it is for folks who have no interest in walking over the bridge to Philadelphia. It is a moderate amount of alcohol that won’t force you to serve any kind of penance the next morning.”

Cape May Brewing Company's You Only Pope Once (YOPO): This beer is IPA with an "unholy amount of hops" that will be available only on draft at the brewery and on taps throughout Philadelphia and New Jersey.

2nd Story Brewing's Pater Noster: This patersbier, according to Eater, is a traditional beer brewed by "Trappist monks for consumption within the monastery (as opposed to the more-familiar dubbels and tripels that they make to sell)." Pater Noster is a term used for what most people know of as "The Lord's Prayer." This beer will be available only at 2nd Story's Old City brew pub.

Manayunk Brewing Co's Papal Ale: Available on taps throughout the city and in bottles at certain locations, Father John Kelly of St. John the Baptist Church in Manayunk blessed the brewing water of this beer. It's an ale that "combines a fruity amber base with Argentinian candi sugar and is aged on Malbec-soaked oak wine barrels."

Crime & Punishment's Jesus Wept: The brewery that just opened in July brewed a Gose, a German sour wheat beer with a strong saltiness. The name of the beer is taken from the shortest verse in the Bible, John 11:35, which simply says, "Jesus wept." The salty beer is representative of Jesus' salty tears.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

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