Food and drink is a big part of St. Patrick’s Day, and this is one holiday where no one questions combining the two. Using Guinness Stout in recipes is one way to go for meals, and using Irish cream to flavor desserts is a great follow up.

Here are 7 dessert recipes that use Irish Cream liqueur. Baileys is the brand most people think of when they think Irish cream, but recently I’ve been buying Carolans. It’s less expensive and a little less sweet.

Any Irish Cream, including a homemade version, would work well in these boozy desserts. These are definitely desserts for adults – don’t count on the alcohol cooking out of them all.

  1. Irish Cream and Pistachio Fudge – If you’re short on time, this is the dessert to make. Four ingredients and 10 minutes start to finish, this recipe whips up easily and quickly.
  2. Irish Cream Chocolate Truffles – Creamy chocolate middles made with Irish cream are coated with more chocolate and then topped three different ways.
  3. Irish Cream Cookies – Shamrock shaped sandwich cookies are filled with an Irish Cream/coffee filling.
  4. Irish Cream Creme Brulee – I’m usually a cream brulee purist – vanilla only, but I’ll make an exception on St. Patrick’s Day.
  5. Black and Tan Cakes with Irish Cream Glaze – There’s both Irish Cream and Black and Tan beer in these individually portioned St. Patrick’s Day desserts.
  6. Coffee and Baileys Chocolate Doughnuts – Breakfast! These doughnuts are baked and frosted with a cream cheese Irish cream icing.
  7. Irish Cream + Brownie Milkshake – Ice cream, Irish cream, and brownies jump into a blender and create a grown-up frosty treat.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.