The farmers market was exploding with tomatoes this past weekend, and the prices were much lower than they were just two weeks ago. That’s the beauty of buying produce in season. When it’s abundant, the prices are very reasonable. I was able to get a basket of bruised tomatoes for $1, and I turned them into a huge bowl of fresh salsa.

I have a couple of them left, and I started wondering about cocktails that use fresh tomato. I’d seen many recipes for cocktails using garden produce, but not many that use tomatoes. Apparently, I wasn’t paying attention, because once I started looking, I found many cocktails that contain tomatoes, plus lots of other fresh summer fruits, vegetables and herbs.

  1. Tomato Martini – Tomato water (directions on how to make it are included) and vodka make a summer-style martini.
  2. Heirloom Tomato Cocktail – Scroll down the page a bit to find this cocktail that’s a bit like a gimlet that has tomatoes and mint muddled in the cocktail shaker before adding gin, lemon and simple syrup.
  3. Cherry Tomato Margarita – The classic rum margarita gets an extra splash of summer added to it with sweet yellow cherry tomatoes.
  4. Garden cocktail – Make your own tomato juice with fresh tomatoes, celery leaves and onion, then use it to make cocktail that adds fresh basil and parsley, plus gin.
  5. Smoked Tomato Michelda Popsicle Cocktail – If you’re looking to impress guests with creativity and something very different, this is the cocktail that will do it. Make very spicy tomato popsicles that get served in a cold mug of Mexican beer.
  6. Summer Crush – Tomato and watermelon combine for a pretty red cocktail with basil, lime and vodka.
  7. Heirloom Tomato Mojito – Muddled tomato, mint and rum create a fresh, classic summer cocktail with a bit of a twist.
I’ve created a Pinterest board for these Tomato Cocktails in case you’d like to save them, and I’ll add to the board from time to time when I discover other tomato cocktails that I want to save.

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