When it comes to adult beverages for the Fourth of July, beer and perhaps a large bottle of pinot grigio used to do just fine. But now, cocktails are in vogue for all occasions, even a casual backyard cookout. And if you can add a few fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs, they’re even more fashionable. Try one or more of these refreshing cocktails to beat the heat in July.

1. Roasted Cherry & Sage Lemonade Cocktail – Plan ahead to roast the cherries for this cocktail made with Sage, a garden gin from Art in the Age. If you can’t get that specific spirit, any good gin will work.

2. Fennel-infused Watermelon Cooler – Make a cocktail for a crowd in a large mason jar with ingredients like pureed watermelon, vodka and a sliced fennel bulb. Start this one on July 3; it has to sit overnight.

3. Mint and Cucumber Mmm Cocktail – Grab some mint and basil from the garden, tear a few cucumbers from the vine, and start building this refreshing vodka-based drink.

Strawberry Banana Popsicle Bourbon may not be a typical hot weather drink but it's perfect for an adult popsicle. (Photo: etitarenko/Shutterstock)

4. Peach Strawberry Bourbon Popsicle – Don’t let the kids near these pops! They’re for the adults only — a cocktail frozen on a stick. As the name suggests, these fruity pops contain bourbon. There are several grown-up popsicle ideas on the linked page. Scroll down a bit to find this specific one.

5. Cucumber Dill Fizz – Fresh dill and cucumber are muddled together and topped with gin and tonic.

6. Minty Lemon-cello – Fresh mint, fresh lemon juice and limoncello combine to make a lemonade with a kick.

7. The Unnamed Cocktail – I’m still looking for a name for this refreshing cocktail I created using homemade strawberry shrub, limoncello and vodka. Even without a name, it’s a perfect, refreshing, summer cocktail.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

7 refreshing cocktails perfect for the 4th of July
Made with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that can be plucked straight from your garden, these cocktails will help you beat the 4th of July heat.