I have some homemade beer in the refrigerator. It was given to me a while ago, and though I drank one bottle of it, the rest has been taking up room in my fridge for far too long. I don’t think it will ever be opened for drinking. It’s a very syrupy beer and smells and tastes of pine sap.

Just because no wants to drink it doesn’t mean that it has to go to waste. There are many household uses for beer.

  1. Polish furniture. That pine sappy beer I have might not be desirable to drink, but maybe it would make a good smelling furniture polish. Lifehacker would recommend that I let the beer go flat first and then apply it to my furniture with a clean cloth.
  2. Drown fruit flies. I once told you how I solved my fruit fly problem with a jar, some cider vinegar and a rolled up piece of paper. You can do the same thing with beer. The fruit flies will be attracted to the beer and fly in. By giving them a very narrow way of getting in and not much of chance of getting out, they’ll eventually drown. It might take a couple of days and several changes of beer in the jar to get all the pests, but if you’re not going to drink the beer, this is a good use for it.
  3. Drown slugs in the garden. Fruit flies aren’t the only insect attracted to beer. Care2 instructs gardeners to burry a wide mouth container up to its neck so it’s flush with the ground around a garden that’s being attacked by slugs. Fill the container halfway with beer, and the slugs will just slide in for a swim and never get back out.
  4. Highlight your hair. SheKnows recommends using a six-pack of light-colored beer for some natural summer highlights. Use four of the beers to saturate your hair; drink the other two while you’re lying in the sun letting it bleach your mane.
  5. Give your compost a boost. SFGate suggests mixing a bottle of beer with one cup of ammonia in 4 gallons of water, and then pouring it over the compost pile to get the pile cooking. It’s the yeast and sugar in the beer that’s helpful. This would be a great idea to do with the leftovers in the bottom of beer bottles after a party.
  6. Clean your car battery. If corrosion on the battery terminal of your car is keeping the car from starting, Yahoo Shine says pouring carbonated (not flat) beer on it will melt away the problem.
  7. Soak your feet. There are spas dedicated to bathing entirely in beer, but that could get cost prohibitive at home. Philly Beer Scene recommends a variation on the beer bath – a beer foot bath. This will help to remove dead skin and calluses and could even help alleviate a toenail fungal problem or Athlete’s Foot.
Do you have an unusual way use beer around the house?

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7 unexpected uses for beer
Sure, drinking it is the best thing you can do with a beer, but it does come in handy for other uses, too.