Target has been adding sustainable products and promoting healthier foods because shoppers are buying more of them. Now the company is trying a new way to get customers to spend even more by allowing them to shop with a cocktail in hand.

I see Target and tipsy shopping as a financially lethal combination. It's already difficult enough to leave Target with only what's on your shopping list. Add alcohol into the mix, and chances are that tablecloth you hadn't planned on buying is going right in the cart.

For a new store near Chicago's Navy Pier, the company has applied for a liquor license so it can sell and serve drinks in the store, according to Forbes. While it's the first foray into shopping and sipping at a Target store, the concept of having a bar inside a food store isn't new. Other stores in the area such as Whole Foods, Mariano's and Eataly also have bars.

Even though it's done in other stores, I find the concept of alcohol and shopping at Target a little humorous. I'm picturing a spontaneous party in the school supply section popping up in early August. Exasperated parents on a budget, armed with pages-long lists of required pencils, notebooks, binders, calculators, erasers, pencil cases, locks, headphones (yes, my son is required to have headphones this year) and other supplies desperately trying to figure out if the thin highlighters or the thick highlighters are the correct ones, will head en masse to the bar at the front of the store, leaving their kids alone in that back corner with the school supplies. After having a round at the bar, each parent grabs one more drink and head back to their kids, suddenly allowing children to throw whatever they want into the cart.

If you've ever shopped in a Target store, I'm sure you can picture it. Can't you?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Shopping under the influence at Target
Soon, customers may be able to shop and sip at a Target store in Chicago.