I’m really sorry to talk about holiday shopping so early in the fall, but I saw a deal today that I wanted to let you know about. Last month, I told you about Bolder, a website that partners with various companies. The way it usually works is that you make a pledge on the Bolder site to do a certain environmentally friendly action, and a company will offer you a deal on its product.

Right now Bolder is partnering with ChicoBag, my favorite brand of reusable bags. For the simple pledge of using a reusable mug, bag or container, you’ll receive a code for 35 percent off your entire ChicoBag order. According to the e-mail I received after making my pledge, I can use my “unique reward code” until October 31. It looks as if the last day to make the pledge is October 24, 2010.

If you’ve never seen a ChicoBag before, they are durable, washable bags that fold into themselves and are stored in a pouch attached to the bag. I have several original ChicoBags in various colors that I take with me when I’m shopping. I bought two orange bags a couple of years ago for the boys to use on Halloween. They hold a lot of treats, and even though I use them throughout the year, they are still in great condition for the boys to use again this year. ChicoBag even has a couple of specific bags for Halloween with designs that were created by children.

ChicoBag has expanded the styles of bags they offer over the years, and they now offer their original bag made from polyester or recycled materials as well as messenger bags, bottle slings, day packs, produce bags and more.

I plan on using my discount to do a little early shopping for the holidays this year. A ChicoBag would make a thoughtful gift for teachers, coaches, babysitters and others that you want to give a small, but useful gift to this season.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

A deal for your early holiday shopping
Get 35 percent off your order at ChicoBag just by pledging to use reusable bags.