If you've been enjoying Brewery Ommegang's collaboration with HBO on some "Game of Thrones" inspired beers (and based on sales, many of you have), then prepare your liver for yet another taste of Westeros. 

In an interview with Pop2It, the head brewmaster at Ommegang has revealed that a third beer is coming - but he'd sooner "take the black" than reveal anything and face certain doom via HBO's legions of lawyers. 

"I can't talk anything about it! I really can't talk about anything," Phil Leinhart told the site. "I'm sworn to secrecy. They're very strict about that. We have the beer all set and everything; we know exactly what we're doing. I just can't tell anybody. I'm more in the bowels of the brewery making the beer."

While other breweries might look on with envy at the exposure the partnership with HBO has provided Ommegang, Leinhard reveals that when they were first approached about the idea, he wasn't particularly thrilled. 

"They contacted us, you know. We didn't go searching for them," he shared. "There was initially some hesitation, even on my part. I was concerned it was going to be too commercial and seen as too gimmicky and all that. But the more I learned about HBO and the show and how we were going to be doing these beers, I saw it as an opportunity to create even more beers than we normally do as far as specialties and one-offs. From a brewing standpoint, it's been nothing but allowing us more creativity."

With each beer following a certain theme from the show (Queen Cersei for Iron Throne Blonde Ale, The Night Watch for the Take The Black Stout), it will be interesting to see what Ommegang chooses for their next brew. Perhaps a Triple Dragon Winter Warmer? Either way, expect those details sooner than later. 

"Another few weeks, you might know," hints Leinhard

The fourth season of "Game of Thrones" premieres on HBO in Spring 2014

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A third 'Game of Thrones' beer is coming
Brewery Ommegang will soon announce a new addition to its "Iron Throne Ale" and "Take the Black Stout."