Glass made of ice at Minus 5

A drinking glass made of ice sits on the bar. (All photos: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Not your average saloon

For those looking to beat the heat in New York City, the newly opened Minus 5 ice bar has an extravagant solution.

The entire bar — from the walls and furniture, down to the decorations and drinking glasses — is constructed and carved from 350 blocks of extra-clear carver's ice.

After paying a $20 admission fee, visitors are decked out in heavy faux fur parkas and led through a meat locker door into the freezing lair. Inside, hand-carved murals and sculptures adorn the walls and bartenders equipped with snow boots and long johns whip up frosty cocktails.

With the thermomstat set at a chilling 23 degrees Fahrenheit (minus-5 degrees in Celsius — get it?) and a ban on heat-emitting devices like cellphones, the $5 million novelty bar is unequivocally the coolest place to be in the city.

The freezing lounge, located at the New York Hilton Midtown on Sixth Avenue, welcomes children and families from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., after which it becomes an establishment exclusive to nightclub crowds.

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Beautiful blue-tinted room made of ice

Professional ice carvers are commissioned to change the look of the bar every few months.

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The liquor selection at Minus 5

Although a variety of cocktails are served, Minus 5 specializes in vodka-based creations.

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Pink-tinted view of the Minus 5 ice bar

The chandelier and other decorations are carved out of ice blocks weighing up to 100 pounds each.

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Coat rack for visitors

Heavy parkas are provided to all guests, but the faux-fur design costs a little extra.

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Man explores Minus 5 ice bar

You have to wonder: Just how crazy are the utility bills?

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Pressure gauge frozen in ice at Minus 5

A pressure gauge is frozen in the ice at Minus 5.

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