I once watched a fascinating documentary on fast food in America. One thing that struck me was how the size of our plates and cups has grown increasingly larger over time. I think this has appealed to our frugal nature of wanting to get the most for our money

Now we wonder if that hasn’t been so good for our waistlines.

I’ve seen many big brands roll out smaller-sized items recently. They are obviously hoping that they can capture the customers that are more aware of their propensity to overdrink and overeat. Now Starbucks is trying out this idea, too. In San Diego this summer they offered a new smaller size for the famous Frappuccino. Instead of the smallest size being 12 ounces, the company offered a new 10-ounce option. Apparently it was successful enough that they will also be offering it in Houston and Denver stores through fall. The mini drink, says Businessweek, has about 50 fewer calories and costs 30 cents less.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this new size. If you're going to have a dessert, having a single cookie as a treat is certainly healthier than having the whole box, and if you're going to have a heavily sweetened drink from a coffee shop, having a reasonable portion makes sense, too. 

Meanwhile, with all of my dietary restrictions (and having lost my taste for most heavily sweetened drinks), I’ll be sticking to this list of 30 faux-Starbucks drinks.

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