Today’s weekend wine pick is Avignonesi Vino Nobile, a Sangiovese from the Montepulciano region of Italy. It’s made with 100 percent Sangiovese, which is uncommon for a Vino Nobile. Most wines of this variety are a blend, containing at least 70 percent Sangiovese and up to 30 percent of other red grapes.

I love the story behind this wine. Virginie Saverys, owner of Avignonesi, has worked since 2009 to convert the entire property to organic and biodynamic viticulture so she can leave the vines healthier for future generations. She chooses to make the wine with 100 percent Sangiovese instead of blending it because her goal is to craft “distinctive, genuine wines that fully express the singular characteristics of the Avignonesi terroir.”

This deep cherry red wine is dry, fruity and earthy. It tastes of cherries and plums with some complementary spicy and herbal qualities I just can’t put my finger on. I usually think of Sangiovese as a food wine, meaning it’s more enjoyable to drink when accompanied by food than without food. The Avignonesi Vino Nobile is enjoyable without food, but it will come to life more when paired with red meats or meat sauces, game, or strong cheese.

This wine has a suggested retail price of $29. For me, this would be a bottle to buy if I was sharing one bottle with someone over a meal or I was having a small dinner party and wanted to serve something that would impress the guests.

Wine, beer and spirits disclaimer: I am not paid by any producer of wine, beer or spirits to write about their product, although the company may provide me with a sample of the product. I am not a professional reviewer of wine, beer or spirits. I'll write about the product if it's something that I like and if I think the producer is working toward making the product in an environmentally friendlier fashion.

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Avignonesi Vino Nobile: A biodynamic 100% Sangiovese wine
From the Montepulciano region of Italy comes a rich, spicy wine from Italy’s largest winery, which is embracing biodynamic practices.