Putting one large ice cube in spirits or cocktails is on trend right now. You can purchase ice molds that create large ice spheres or cubes, but they can be expensive. If you need a lot of ice balls for several drinks, it would be cost-prohibitive to buy that many molds.

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, a time when friends and family gather for food and drink. This weekend may be one of those times you need a lot of large ice balls to keep everyone’s drinks cold without diluting them too much.

Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube has a solution for creating many ice balls at once without spending much money. All you need are some balloons, water and a way to suspend some small water balloons in your freezer.

Even if you can’t suspend the balloons in the freezer, you can still use this method. Think about it. If you place your filled balloons on a cookie tray so that it creates flat-bottomed ice cubes with a spherical top, it will work. You’ll still get large pieces of ice that will better keep your drinks cold because a lot of the liquid is touching the ice at once. It also won’t dilute as quickly as several small ice cubes.

Also, you might want to run your balloon-made ice ball under some water after you peel away the balloon to get off any residue that the inside of the balloon left. I know the outside of a balloon can sometimes be a little chalky or powdery. I'm not sure about the inside.

If you’re not sure what drinks to use your large ice spheres in, try some of these fresh, summery suggestions.

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Balloons + water = big ice balls for summer cocktails
For the holiday weekend, and all summer long, try this easy trick for making a lot of large ice balls at one time.