Ninety-seven percent of the breweries in the United States are craft breweries, and at the moment, new craft breweries are opening at the rate of one each day says US News. That’s pretty amazing. There are 2,126 breweries in total – that number includes craft breweries and big breweries like Miller or Budweiser. Compare today’s number to the late 1970s when there were only 89 breweries in the country, and you can see the impact that the craft beer movement has had.


While the number of breweries is increasing, the overall amount of money Americans are spending on beer has decreased, but it’s the major brewers that are seeing the decrease in revenue. Craft brewers dollar sales have been up 14 percent the first half of this year.


Wineries are doing well, too. Since 2007, the number of wineries in the U.S. has increased by 2,000, bringing the total to 6,672. This is the most wineries the country has ever had. The increase in wineries has been driven by the locavore movement and the interest in agritourism.


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Big growth in U.S. breweries and wineries
The interest in craft beers has pushes the number of U.S. breweries to a 125-year high, while the locavore movement helps drive winery growth.