Last weekend Kid Rock launched his own brew, American Badass Beer, at two concerts he performed in Detroit. He’s been working with the Michigan Brewing Co. for the past year on the beer he describes in the Detroit Free Press as “American-style lager … easy to drink without an aftertaste.”

"I'm American, that's what I like to drink, and from looking around the parking lot before my shows, I know that's what my fans drink," Kid Rock said.
The beer will be available statewide in Michigan and will roll out across the U.S. over the next 12 months.

Back in 2007, Michigan Brewing Company (MBC) switched to biodiesel to power the steam generator that produces their beers. I find it interesting that MBC’s website has very little to say about their sustainable efforts. Except for the 2007 press release about switching to biodiesel, the website has little else to say on the subject. I found more information on Capital Gains Media.

MBC also houses the Biorefinery Training Facility, which includes a biodiesel-making operation. Both the stills and biodiesel refinery are used for research, teaching and outreach. Combined, they are training dozens of people to tap into the emerging green bioeconomy.

MSU’s student body, largely unaware, is also contributing to the enterprise. Recycled fryer grease from campus cafeterias and the canola seed from Charlotte are the two sources of the biodiesel that MBC uses to power its steam generator to heat water to make beer.

MBC also uses some biodeisel to power their employee vehicles and recycles their waste mash by giving it to local farmers to feed their hogs.

I wonder if Kid Rock knows his beer is being powered by biodeisel. I wonder if MBC knows that adding this information to their website is important because these days, everyone wants to know if the companies they are buying from are environmentally responsible.

I wonder if a beer that’s made for the American masses that’s easy to drink and has no aftertaste has any taste at all. I suppose I should reserve my judgment until I actually get a chance to taste it.  


Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Biodiesel powers Kid Rock's Badass Beer
Kid Rock is using a sustainable brewery to brew his new American Badass Beer.