It's not often that sequels are better than the original, but at least with wine, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have appeared to have found a winning formula. 

The power couple, who launched their first award-winning rosé last year from their estate in France, have once again sold out an initial offering of their new 2013 Jolie-Pitt & Perrin Côtes de Provence Rosé Miraval. The 2012 version, praised as a "very serious wine," landed at a variety-best 84 on Wine Spectator's prestigious 100 Best Wines of 2013. 

"Refined and elegant, offering pure and concentrated flavors of dried red berry, tangerine and melon. The focused finish features flint and spice notes, with a hint of cream. Drink now," the editors enthusiastically declared.

Adding to the hype for this year's rosé was an early review from Decanter that praised the 2013 vintage as much improved; with an impressive overall score of 91 points. 

"There is no need to hawk for customers with an overly seductive blush; this is all about pale, barely-there pink,' writes Jane Anson. "There is a lovely floral nose, soft fragrant roses, and from the first taste there is a delicate structure that deepens on the palate.

"But, as the French would say ‘il y a du vin’ – meaning that there is a sense of power alongside the elegance, a structure and a fresh acidity that gives the wine persistency, with a grip of minerality that gives a delicious mouthwatering finish. This marks a serious improvement on last year."

And remember, Brad and Angelina's 75-acre vineyard is all-organic - a practice that started decades ago. 

"No chemicals can be used on the grapes as these can enter the plant and end up in the wine," the website states. "Therefore, at Miraval no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides are used, only naturally occurring compounds such as sulfates and copper sulphate."

According to Decanter, a limited estate red from Chateau Miraval will make an appearance later this June. You might want to get in line now

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's 2013 rosé sells out quickly
A-list couple's second vintage, grown sustainably in France, is quickly snapped up by wine-lovers all around the world.