When a new pipeline is built, sometimes the headlines can be negative, but there's one in Belgium that's changing the trend.

In the city of Bruges, Half Moon brewery is the current resident of a site that's been making beer for over 500 years, and for the majority of those centuries, the entire beer-making operation has happened right in the city center of Bruges. But, as the demand for Half Moon's beer has grown in recent years, the brewery built a bottling plant two miles away to accommodate demand.

That solved one problem but it created another: getting the beer to the new bottling plant. Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a place of cultural, historical, or scientific significance that is legally protected by international treaties. Bruges is a medieval city and millions of tourists pass through each year, crowding the narrow streets and making transporting the beer from the brewery to the bottling plant very difficult, according to CNN Money.

The solution? A pipeline that flows underground from the brewery to the bottling plant. There, it finishes its second fermentation before being bottled. It's believed this is the first legal beer pipeline, and it's been designed to keep the quality of the beer in mind.

Situated underground — 111 feet below the surface at its deepest point — the pipeline passes under the town streets, canals and ramparts. Enough beer flows through the pipeline each hour to fill 12,000 bottles.

According to BuzzFeed, one type of beer flows through the pipes each day. The pipes are then cleaned before another type of beer flows through them, keeping the different styles of beer from contaminating each other.

Although this seems to be the first legal beer pipeline on record, I know that the Budweiser plant in Fort Collins, Colorado, has its own pipeline, but it's not for beer. The pipeline transports wastewater from the plant and uses it to water crops in a nearby field.

See, pipelines don't always have to be a problem, as long as they're carrying the right things.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

There's a 2-mile pipeline running under the city of Bruges, and it's filled with beer
The world's first beer pipeline runs from the city center in Bruges to the town's outskirts, saving city streets from the strain of beer tankers.