After my one-week Bulletproof Coffee experiment last year, I took a short break and tried the coffee with added coconut oil and butter for one more week. I didn’t see enough of a change in my satiety and energy to continue to drink it. It just didn’t give me the instant, pleasurable satisfaction that my first sip of regular coffee does in the morning. I love that first sip; but not so much with this.

But enough people have gotten hooked on butter coffee that creator Dave Asprey is opening the first Bulletproof Coffee shop soon, according to the LA Times. Located in Santa Monica, California, the shop will sell coffee that contains single-origin coffee beans, butter from grass-fed cows, and a medium-chain triglyceride oil (often in the form of coconut oil). The reported benefits include better focus, more energy, satiety, low-sugar cravings and weight loss.

The Bulletproof Coffee shop will sell coffee and tea, as well as healthy foods like salads, frittatas, vegetables and dips. In fact, the store's offerings are a hint at Asprey's bigger health plan, which will be spelled out his upcoming "Bulletproof Diet" book. Asprey launched this coffee trend as part of his hunt for a health regimen and diet that would make him "bulletproof" to common modern ailments. Many of the foods on his diet are high in fat, including avocados and the signature coffee.

It certainly worked for him (he lost about 60 pounds, according to various accounts), but what about the rest of us?

The week I did my experiment, I lost weight. Keep in mind I was actively trying to lose weight at that time, and I was losing about two or three pounds a week. The week I made Bulletproof Coffee, I drank my homemade concoction but otherwise followed the eating and exercise plan I had been on, and I lost five pounds. Of course, that was just a one-week experiment. There’s no way of knowing if my weight loss would have continued at the higher rate had I continued. (Although there are some who don't buy the hype.)

But getting back to that new shop. In addition to the food and beverages, the Bulletproof Coffee shop boasts several other health-promoting features. Guests can sit on chairs that “emit pulses designed to stimulate blood flow and stem cells” or step into “a whole body vibration plate that will make your teeth rattle even as it gives your muscles, tendons and ligaments a workout.”

Isn't that what you want from your local coffee shop?

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Bulletproof Coffee shop to debut in Santa Monica
Creator of the trendy brew makes it easy to grab a cup of butter coffee at his new shop.