In 2011, there were 725 craft breweries in the United States. Last year, that number rose to 3,418 craft breweries, according to 2014 data on U.S. craft brewing compiled by the Brewers Association. That's some impressive growth!

For the first time, craft beer hit double-digit numbers in volume share of the marketplace. About 11 percent of the beer sold in America came from craft breweries. In overall dollars, 19.3 percent of the money spent on beer went to craft beer. 

The Brewers Association released this stat-filled infographic (above) that shows how quickly the craft beer movement has grown in the past five years.

When you look at these statistics, it seems possible that craft brewers will meet one of their ambitious goals: 20 percent of market share by 2020.

This weekend, I’ll be in Atlantic City with Beer for Babes at the Atlantic City Beer and Music Fest. Our group is volunteering to help direct festivalgoers to specific breweries that offer the styles of beer people are looking for. I’ll have some time to walk around the festival and sample some beer, too, and I’m sure I’ll visit the table of at least one of the new 615 breweries that opened in 2014. If I find a beer I fall in love with, I’ll let you know. 

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Craft beer growth: By the (very impressive) numbers
615 new breweries opened in the U.S. in 2014, and overall dollars spent on craft beer grew as well.