I’ve been making it a point to share the bottles of wine I’m sent to taste with others as often as possible to get others’ opinions. I recently took Cultivate Wines The Feast Red Blend to a dinner where some friends and I gathered in the kitchen and popped the cork on the bottle while waiting for dinner to be served.

The wine is a red blend from California – two-thirds Merlot from the Napa Valley and one-third Cabernet Sauvignon from the Alexander Valley in Sonoma. Comments about the wine ranged from “I would definitely drink this wine again” to “This almost seems like a Spanish wine” to “I really like the spice this wine has.” We all enjoyed the wine, and we all tasted something different.

Later, when lasagna was served for dinner, I had a second glass with my meal and it paired very nicely. The makers of the wine suggest pairing it with roasted meats like turkey or duck. I think it’s a very versatile wine that would work with pastas with red sauce, roasted meats, burgers, beef based chilis and more.

Cultivate Wines is a wine company that’s dedicated to putting money back into local community projects. Cultivate gives back 10 cents of every dollar in sales to help fund “opportunity and hope.” In the past two years, Cultivate has donated over $400,000 to charities in 45 communities in the United States. You can see the specific beneficiaries of their donations and the exact amounts each was rewarded on Cultivate’s Winners page.

In addition to The Feast, there are five other wines in the Cultivate family, with grapes sourced from all over the world.

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Cultivate Wines: Cultivating opportunity and hope in local communities
10 cents from every dollar of in sales of Cultivate’s wines goes directly to charitable organizations in local communities.