If you've ever felt lost amid the forest of options in your grocery store's beer aisle, you may be on to something. As the insightful folks at MinuteEarth point out in the video below, the beer industry actually has a lot in common with a woodland ecosystem:

Despite some potential for confusion, having too many options is usually better than having too few. Diversity indicates healthy competition in free markets as well as forests — and not just for beer. This analogy applies to capitalist economies in general, highlighting how big corporations and small businesses can evolve to share the same habitats.

As usual, beer makes everything clearer.

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Russell McLendon ( @russmclendon ) writes about humans and other wildlife.

Don't miss the forest for the beers [Video]
A new video from MinuteEarth sheds light on both capitalism and ecology, comparing big-name beers to canopy trees and microbrews to understory ferns.