If this whole Hollywood thing doesn't work out, Drew Barrymore could always find a career in the wine business. 


The 37-year-old recently got her feet wet in the industry by partnering with wine distributor Wilson Daniels on Barrymore Pinot Grigio, composed of grapes grown in northern Italy. Released earlier this year, the wine has already garnered praise from those more concerned with taste and less with the famous name attached. In April, Barrymore's new label even took home gold at the prestigious Le Challenge International du Vin in France. 


"I love wine, and it's always fun when you can do something in your work life that you love in your personal life," Barrymore told Unfiltered. "It seems very authentic to me. … Pinot grigio has always been a love of mine. If I go to a restaurant, it's a safe, surefire bet and I love it."


Barrymore told the Angeleno that she was involved in nearly every step of the process of creating the pinot grigio, a process that took three years. "I’ve been to the winery and to Italy numerous times," she said. "I liked the idea of working with a family who has done this for generations because I wanted to name this after my family."


The actress committed significant resources and time to the design of the wine's label, which was created by none other than graphic artist Shepard Fairey. "We took painstaking measures to make a label that felt fun and effortless and modern but also includes tradition, and we got to work with Shepard Fairey on a crest of my grandfather’s."


But how does it taste? Over on LA I'm Yours, the verdict was "delicious."


"Let me preface by saying that I hate white wine," writes Kyle Fitzpatrick. "A light red, a rosé, a champagne: give me those any day of the week. A white? Not in my house. This wine though? A delight. It was so surprisingly good. It’s light and refreshing and so extremely drinkable. It’s crisp and fruity — but not sweet."


Want some? You can pick up a bottle for $16.99 here while supplies last. 


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Drew Barrymore's wine venture strikes gold
Barrymore Pinot Grigio wins a gold medal at the Le Challenge International du Vin, the largest international wine competition in France.