A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Wine.com’s Eco Wine Trio. This trio of wines — a Merlot, a Côtes du Rhône, and a Pinot Noir — is bottled in plastic, which is 90 percent lighter than the same sized bottles made of glass. That’s where the eco comes in.

The cost of the Eco Wine Trio before shipping is $29.99. I commented in my original post that while I had never had these particular wines before, I certainly have had plenty of $10 bottles of wine that were quite good.

The folks at Wine.com offered to send me a sample of the Eco Wine Trio so I could let you know what I thought of the wines themselves. Here are my thoughts.

Fog Mountain 2006 California Merlot: I’m not usually a Merlot drinker, but I liked this wine. It was fruity and very flavorful. I would drink it again.

I took it to my neighborhood after trick-or-treating bbq, and I had a couple of Merlot drinkers drink it along with me. They both said it was a very good Merlot and the color and taste were consistent with other moderately priced bottles they have had. Both friends also said they would definitely drink it again.

Interestingly enough, my neighbors were more put off by the screw top than they were by the plastic bottle. All three bottles I was sent had screw tops. The biggest question most people had about the plastic was if the wine had a plastic taste. It did not. We all did wonder if time would change that. I pointed out that most bottles that cost under $20 aren’t ones that you want to keep around for more than two years anyway so these $10 bottles are ones you’d want to drink sooner rather than later anyway.

Louis Bernard 2007 Bonus Passus Côtes du Rhône AOC: This French red is 80 percent Grenache, 12 percent Syrah, and 8 percent Mourvedre. I’m not familiar with Côtes du Rhônes so I can’t comment on how it compares to other bottles. I can say that I enjoyed this wine, and the best way that I can describe it is “even.” Not one taste particularly stood out for me. It paired just fine with lasagna but it also was quite drinkable on its own.

Yellow Jersey 2007 Pinot Noir: This red is also from France. The other two bottles of wine looked like regular wine bottles. This particular bottle had little T-shirts sticking out of the plastic all over which made the fact that the bottle was plastic quite obvious.
Personally, I don’t like Pinot Noirs. It’s never a wine I would choose to buy. I found this bottle drinkable, but it had the same burnt aftertaste that I find most Pinot Noirs to have that I don’t like. But that’s just me. It was probably a good Pinot Noir — just not my thing.

Overall, I think the Eco Wine Trio has some good wines for the price tag. If you’re looking for a variety of wines to serve at a casual holiday party, I certainly think the Eco Wine Trio does the trick.

As far as the wines being in plastic bottles goes, if you’re okay with plastics in general, there are some advantages to it over glass. It requires less energy to produce, ship, and recycle than glass does. Wine.com also sends a renewable energy certificate with each shipment because 10 percent of each purchase is directed to EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Eco Wine Trio review
Wine.com's Eco Trio may have a reduced carbon footprint, but how do the wines taste?