Just when you decided to cut your caffeine intake, it turns out there's another problem: you may have been drinking rocket fuel in your tap water.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it will begin regulating perchlorate in drinking water. Perchlorate is a compound commonly found in rocket fuel.

The EPA has been studying the amount of perchlorate in drinking water after finding that the chemical was present in tap water in 26 states. Now the EPA is deciding it will set a maximum limit on the amount of the salts derived from perchloric acid. The EPA’s decision comes quickly — what many are describing as lightning speed — since many environmental groups said this regulation would take at least a decade to put in place. Typically, the EPA moves slowly when it comes to drinking water research.

As for perchlorate, it is naturally occurring and the result of manufacturing (PDF). Beyond its use in rocket fuel, it is used to create back-up oxygen systems.

EPA: No more rocket fuel in drinking water
Agency will decide how much is too much when it comes to perchlorate in your water.