I’m about to get a little cliché on you. For Mother’s Day, I recommended some rosé wines when celebrating mom. For Father’s Day, I’m going to recommend a beer.

I’m usually a dark beer lover, so I was blown away by how much I enjoyed the beer I’m recommending, Victory Brewing Company’s Swing Session Saison beer. I had the chance to sample the beer at the Philly Farm & Food Fest earlier this spring. It’s light, peppery, spicy, citrucy and incredibly flavorful. If the guests at your Father’s Day celebration have a bit of a sophisticated beer drinking palate, this would make a great beer to toast all the dads you're honoring.

Victory is a craft brewer located in Downingtown, P.A., but their beers are located throughout the country. The Victory beerfinder can help you locate a seller near you.

Not only does Victory make great craft beer, they’re also an environmentally responsible company. They use clean, renewable energy in the form of solar panels and recaptured and reused natural gas used for the boilers to power their brewery and restaurant. Their spent grain is sent to a local farmer to feed farm animals. They’re also actively involved in the watershed protection of the nearby Brandywine Creek.

The brewpub associated with the brewery is farm to fork with a comprehensive composting program that composts more than 73 tons of food waste annually.

Victory Brewing Company’s Swing Session Saison beer is a beer that will take you through the summer. The Belgian style ale is both light in color and in alcohol – 4.5 percent. I can definitely picture drinking this beer while sitting on a balcony watching the sunset over the bay this summer.

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Father’s Day beer: Victory’s Swing Session Saison
This light, spicy, beer is perfect for saying “Cheers” to dad on Father’s Day and enjoying throughout the whole summer.