A while back, I learned a little about the sustainability of Fetzer Vineyards when I checked out Greenopia’s wine ratings. I was pleased to find out that this major winery began its sustainability process back in 1986 and has consistently worked to improve its sustainability ever since.

One of the areas that Fetzer excels in is waste management, and the company just received its 13th Waste Reduction Award Program (WRAP) of the California Integrated Waste Management Board. Fetzer was recognized for “outstanding achievements in reducing, reusing, and recycling.”

What makes them so outstanding?

  • A reduction in landfill waste over the past two decades by 96 percent. In 1990 they sent 1,724 tons of waste to the landfill. By 2008, they had reduced that amount to 58.8 tons.
  • 968 tons of glass, cardboard, paper, plastics, metal, pallets, barrels and other items got recycled.
  • 2,500 tons of compost and mulch were created from vineyard waste.
  • In 2008, Fetzer reduced the average weight of their wine bottles by 14 percent.
Fetzer is doing its part, and there are a few easy things that those who drink their wines, or anyone’s wines for that matter, can do to continue the sustainable waste management process.
  • Get a six compartment reusable wine tote and take it to the wine store each time so you don’t need to take bags.
  • Recycle the wine bottles.
  • Recycle the wine corks.

Do you drink Fetzer wines? Let me know which of their wines you enjoy in the comments below. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Fetzer Vineyards does it again
Fetzer Vineyards receives its 13th waste management award.