Earlier this week, I wrote about greening your Memorial Day BBQ. One suggestion was to serve wine or beer from a local winery or local brewery. When the wine or beer doesn’t have to travel far to get to you, fuel and other resources are saved. It’s also good to support smaller, local wineries or breweries. In this tough economy, they are being hit hard.

A good-sized liquor store will usually carry local products, but you can usually buy direct, too. Most wineries and breweries have tasting rooms where you can taste their range of products and buy what you like. It may even be less it expensive. It definitely will be more personable.

If you’re unsure about where the local wineries and breweries are in your region, try these locators.

Beertown.org – Beertown lets you search for local breweries by state. Not everything that appears will be a brewery. The results include both breweries and brewpubs (generally pubs that serve at least some local brews), but it shouldn’t be difficult to distinguish between the two. There are links to the breweries' websites so you can easily look into each one further.

Winerybound.com – Winerybound works like Beertown. You search by state, and the site comes up with a list of wineries in that state. You can click on more information, and go to a page that has a few details and a link to that wineries website. Winerybound is actually a personal wine travel planner so it allows you to search lodgings and restaurants, too, and organize a trip based around the regions wineries and restaurants. 

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Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Find local breweries and wineries
Two websites allow you to search by state to find local breweries and wineries and make it easy for you to you to support local.