It’s occurred to me that the thing I love the best about my iPhone is that it helps me be more efficient when I’m shopping. I can keep my favorite recipes on KeepRecipes and pull them up for an ingredients list when I’m at the market. I can also use Grocery IQ to keep my grocery list and Seafood Watch to make sustainable choices at the fish counter.


Now, when I’m at the liquor store, I’ll be using Food & Wine’s new free Cocktail app for a little help in remembering what I need to buy if I’m planning to make a specific cocktail. There’s a lot more to this app than just ingredient lists, but that’s the specific feature that makes it worthy of taking up space on my phone.


The app has more than 350 recipes for classic, updated and creative cocktails. You can search the recipes by spirit or by drink type. There are also cocktail tips, a list of drink-friendly foods with recipes (gastro pub type foods), and a list of 100 top bars around the country in case you want someone else to make your cocktails for you.


A useful spirits lexicon rounds out the features. If you’re reading a recipe and it calls for something like Jasmine Gin, you can click on the word Jasmine Gin and it takes you instructions on how to infuse gin with jasmine tea — quite helpful.


One thing to be aware of, the free app is sponsored by Belvedere Vodka, so the vodka drink recipes recommend Belvedere vodkas. You can, of course, choose your favorite vodka.


With only 350 recipes, this isn’t a complete cocktail recipe book by any means, but it has quiet a few of the most common cocktails with a lot of helpful information about them. 


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Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Food & Wine's Cocktail app: Recipes, best bars and more
Food & Wine's Cocktail app offers recipes, best bars and more. When you're at the liquor store and can't remember what goes into a Mai Tai, this free app has al