If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you probably know I’m from New Jersey. I love my state for lots of reasons, and today I received a news release that gives me one more reason to be a proud New Jerseyan.

Flyng Fish Brewing Co., which is located only a few miles from where I live, will release a new beer early next month called FU Sandy. Officially, the FU stands for Forever Unloved, but unofficially, we all understand the intended sentiment.  

One hundred percent of the proceeds from FU Sandy will go to New Jersey victims of Superstorm Sandy, the October 2012 storm that devastated much of New Jersey’s coast and several inland regions as well.

Flying Fish Founder Gene Muller says, “Every single aspect of this beer, from the man-hours spent brewing it to the hops used to season it to the kegs that will contain it, has been donated so every cent brought in goes to Superstorm Sandy victims.” 

It’s anticipated that the effort will produce about 100 kegs of beer and generate around $50,000 that will go directly to charity. Flying Fish is using social media to choose the charity. Followers of their Facebook and Twitter accounts will be able to nominate and vote for a charity through those channels.

The beer will only be available on draught throughout the New Jersey and Philadelphia regions. It’s a hybrid wheat-pale ale that’s “hopped with experimental hop ADHA 483, donated by the American Dwarf Hop Association, which has never been used in a beer before this one.”

Flying Fish recently moved to a new, larger facility that the company calls “a showcase for recycling, reuse and conservation.” They’ve installed 463 solar panels on the roof to supply much of their electricity needs, send their spent barley to a local farm for animal feed, have an aggressive recycling program and employ many other sustainable practices.

I’ll definitely be heading out to a local brewpub once FU Sandy has been released. If you live in the New Jersey/Philadelphia region, will you be bellying up and ordering one, too?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

FU Sandy is N.J.'s Flying Fish Brewing Co.'s latest beer
The sustainable brewery will donate all proceeds of the hybrid wheat-pale ale to a charity chosen by its social media fans.