Ommegang Brewery has announced its next "Game of Thrones" inspired beer, with this one is likely to satisfy those mercenaries with a taste for something stronger. 

Titled Take The Black Stout (inspired by the series "Night Watch" guard), the brew follows the earlier successful launch of Iron Throne Blonde Ale back in March. 

Sporting a gorgeous label (by the same firm that crafted the series's opening credits), Ommegang Take The Black is a 7 percent stout “as dark as the winters that once engulfed Westeros, as robust as the men who swear their oaths at the Weirwood Tree. Chocolate and caramel sweetness are balanced by hop bitterness. Roasty, woodsy notes, and an earthy finish.”

Due to the success of Iron Throne, Ommegang is ramping up production of Take the Black, which will be available in both 750-mL bottles and sixth barrel kegs.

"The Take the Black Stout follows the wildly successful Iron Throne Ale, which hit stores earlier this year and found retailers, wholesalers and beer lovers scrambling for more," the Belgian-style brewery said in a press release. "Shops across the country sold out of stock in days, while bars poured through kegs in mere hours. On Brewery Ommegang's online store, 287 'Game of Thrones'-branded glasses sold on the first day alone. To satiate the appetite of beer-drinking 'Game of Thrones' fans with the new brew, Brewery Ommegang will double the final volumes of the previous Iron Throne Ale."

The new brew is expected to launch this fall. Check out a full image below. 

Ommegang Brewery Take the Black Stout Game of Thrones

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'Game of Thrones' black stout beer announced
Ommegang Brewery's latest brew, Take The Black Stout, to be released this fall.