Looking for something a bit stronger than President Obama's homebrewed Honey Ale? Don't worry, the original commander-in-chief has got you covered. 

The curators of Mount Vernon estate have announced a limited-run of rye whiskey made using George Washington's detailed original recipe. 

“People like having a tangible connection to the founding fathers, and any way they can connect that through food or drink, it’s an exciting element for them,” Mount Vernon spokesperson Melissa Wood told ABC News.

The estate's reconstructed distillery, the largest in America during Washington's time, will produce about 1,100 bottles of unaged whiskey retailing for $95 each. Back in 1799, this same distillery output more than 11,000 gallons of whiskey, making it one of Mount Vernon's most successful commercial ventures. 

But while George Washington's legacy reflects greatness in a variety of areas, whiskey-making wasn't apparently one of them. Over on DeathandTaxes, Brian Abrams warns eager buyers to prepare themselves. 

"What the liquor peddlers at Mount Vernon aren’t telling you is, back in the day, the founding father’s whiskey was rotgut at best," he writes. Others who have tried previous batches have compared it to "high-quality moonshine."

Still interested in getting a booze buzz off some American history? The new batch of George Washington rye whiskey will be available at the Mount Vernon estate starting on April 4. 

George Washington whiskey

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George Washington's whiskey offered at Mount Vernon
Founding father's original recipe for rye whiskey inspires a limited run of 1,100 bottles selling for $95 each.