If you have cocktail lovers or cocktail creators on your holiday gift list, I have some ideas that would make thoughtful gifts for them. All of these items are on my wish list, too, but I imagine any cocktail enthusiast will especially appreciate receiving any one of them.

Berg & Hauck's Bitters Tasting KitBerg & Hauck’s Bitters Tasting Kit. Five 20 ml bottles of bitters for flavoring cocktails will let cocktail creators play around with lemon, orange, aromatic, Creole and celery flavored bitters.

vintage cocktail tools

Vintage Cocktail Tools. This link will take you to the website of The Hour, a shop that sells vintage cocktail items in Alexandria, Virginia. I fell in love with the shop earlier this year when I visited. They have a fabulous collection, but you don’t have to order from them to find vintage tools. Thrift stores, antique stores, flea markets and other places that sell previously used items often have cocktail shakers, jiggers, bar spoons and glassware that are beautiful and useful.

The Bar Book"The Bar Book: Elements of Cocktail Technique." An excellent reference for home bartenders and cocktail creators, this book explores the skills needed to build a cocktail. It includes incredibly thorough discussions and instructions on things like juicing, choosing the proper ice, shaking, stirring and carbonating. It includes more than 60 recipes.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. small batch tonicJack Rudy Cocktail Co. Small Batch Tonic. Instead of using store-bought tonic water that often is made with high fructose corn syrup, this tonic is a quinine concentrate that is mixed with club soda and gin for a perfect gin and tonic. Alton Brown raved about this on an episode of his Alton Browncast, and it’s been on my personal wish list ever since.

Sphere Ice Molds. The idea behind using a huge ice cube in a cocktail is that it will chill the drink well without diluting it too much as the ice melts. These ice molds create 2 1/2-inch round ice cubes.

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Gifts for the cocktail lover
You're sure to find something for the cocktail enthusiast on your gift list this holiday season.