Come this Saturday morning there will be a ton of candy in my house. I allow my boys to go trick or treating on Halloween, and they come home with pillowcases stuffed with all sorts of candy.

I know I'm not alone in confessing that yes, I will most likely sneak a little of that candy. Interestingly, I came across an infographic from Vivino that suggests wine pairings for common Halloween treats.

guide to pairing wine with Halloween candy

Now, the treats may not be sustainable or healthy. But if you’re going to sneak candy, you can pair it with a sustainable wine, right? I'm not going to pretend that one counterbalances the other, of course. Looking back at some of my previous wine picks, I have suggestions for you based on the advice in this infographic.

Dry white wine

Sweet white wine
Rich white wine
Sparkling wine
Light red wine
Medium red wine
Bold bed
Dessert wine

Sorry, you’re on your own here. Although I drink dessert wines, I’ve never written about any of them. I’ll have to remedy that, but I won’t get a chance to do that before Halloween.

I will be most likely to steal something with chocolate and nuts out of my boys' stashes, so it looks like I might be cracking open a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon this weekend.

Would you go so far as to pair a wine with the candy you steal from your kids — or if you don’t have kids, the extra Halloween candy you have left at the end of the night?

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