Here’s something you might want to look for next time you’re in a restaurant connected to a craft brewery – pickled hops. Most people don’t think of hops as anything other than an ingredient to add during the beer brewing process to add some bitterness.

Now, according to Tasting Table, “forward-thinking hops farmers and brewers” are pickling “their crop of hops shoots by plunging them into a briny, fragrant solution.”

Pickled hops are being served as part of charcuterie and cheese plates at Cascade Brewery Barrel House in Portland, Oregon and making their way to the tops of pizza at Bob's Keg and Cork in Yakima, Washington.

I did a search for a recipe for pickled hops, but I although I was able to find discussions about pickled hops, I couldn’t find a specific recipe. Apparently, they make a good burger topping when paired with blue cheese.

I would think that someone that grew hops would be able to experiment with different pickling solutions like this All Purpose Pickling Solution recipe from YumYum.

Have you ever had pickled hops or pickled them yourself? 

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Hops: Not just for beer anymore
Pickled hops are showing up in brewery restaurants alongside of the brews.