I have come a long way in my coffee making skills. I didn’t start drinking coffee until 10 years ago, but for years before that, I was often in charge of making the coffee in the huge percolators at church. I would open a can of whatever had been donated, pour in a bunch of grounds with no particular measurement in mind, and then let the coffee pot do its work. I can imagine I made some pretty awful coffee back then.

I consider myself a home coffee making pro now. I’ve tried dozens of brands and have found my favorites. I buy beans and grind them for each pot. I know how much I need to grind for the automatic coffee maker and how much I need to grind for the French press. I make good coffee. But even I, as I sat here sipping my Weaver’s Organic Blend coffee, learned a thing or two from this infographic, although I don’t see myself ever using the coffee art skills it teaches.

How to Make Coffee: Learn from Professionals How to Serve the Perfect Cup

Courtesy of: financesonline.com

Courtesy of http://financesonline.com

It never occurred to me that I would be able to brew coffee directly into a mug by placing a paper filter with grounds over it and pouring in hot water. I will have to remember that if I ever experience a coffee pot breakdown.

I also found the information on how the rest of the world drinks their coffee interesting. My mom drinks her coffee like the Swiss do. Who knew?

What useful information did you get from the infographic?

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How to make coffee
This might be the longest infographic on coffee, but it has great tips on brewing a great cup several different ways and waste-saving tips.