A week ago, I told you about Bulletproof Coffee, a trendy way to drink coffee blended with butter from grass-fed cows and a medium-chain triglyceride oil that’s supposed to boost physical and mental clarity.

I don’t often jump on the “magic food” bandwagon, but my friend Amanda from Phickle gave it a try for a week with some interesting results. She had amazing satiety, improved mental clarity, focus, mood and stamina. Who wouldn’t want to achieve that with one cup of coffee each morning? I decided it was worth a shot.

I kept a journal throughout my week. Here’s my blow-by-blow account of trying Bulletproof Coffee for 7 days.

Day 1

7:00 am - Had my first cup. I wanted to replicate Amanda’s version exactly, so I used what she did – Rival Bros. coffee, cultured, unsalted butter, and Dr. Bronner’s unrefined coconut oil. I made it in my French press, using 3 tbsp. of freshly ground beans steeped in 9 oz. of water, 1 1/2 tbsp. butter, and 1 1/2 tbsp. coconut oil. My lovely 1950s GE blender finally bit the dust, so I used a stick blender to blend it all together, which worked just fine for the Bulletproof Coffee.

I bought pasture raised cultured butter, but wonder if it’s really grass-fed. The company’s website uses language that could be interpreted either way. The butter wasn’t nearly the beautiful yellow color that I thought it should have been.

9:54 am - Been feeling a tiny bit crampy, but I haven’t had any real stomach issues. Haven’t had breakfast, but I’m not hungry. Normally, 10 am is my mid-morning craving time even if I’ve had breakfast.

11:44 am - Just finished a 70-minute workout DVD. Feeling like I could eat, but not really hungry. 

3:30 pm - Crashed. Took a nap. I never do that. I’ve had no protein today. Perhaps that has something to do with it.

9:30 pm - Hunger kicked in around 4pm.  Very hungry in the evening. 

Day 2

9:45 am - Turned off my alarm and slept until 8:30 and didn’t get out of bed till 9:15 so coffee didn’t happen until much later than yesterday. Just finished my cup and going to take a walk, then get to work.

3:30 am - Had some grapes after my walk this morning and then one egg scrambled with fresh chives. Not feeling hungry, and I also don’t feel like crashing. Maybe the protein in the egg did the trick? Wishing I felt more of that mental clarity that Amanda mentioned, but I do feel energetic and not hungry. 

Day 3

6:30 am - Drank coffee

1 pm - Ate for the first today. I even did a vigorous 30-minute jump on the trampoline earlier this morning, and still didn’t get hungry till around 1. I’m finding my hunger (but not ravenousness) will kick in around 4 pm now. Which is much better than the usual 10 am.

Again, made sure to get in some protein at lunch - nuts and cheese.

Day 4

8 am - Drinking coffee now - I’m getting a little tired of it. I never get tired of my regular coffee. I really look forward to my regular coffee. Finished a 50-minute walk before the coffee. Was hungry during the walk. 

9:40 am - Feeling a little bit hungry. I’m actually not sure if it’s real hunger or just the desire to munch on something. Going to try to push through it. The calories the coffee takes up makes mid-morning snacking an impossibility if I’m trying to stick to 1250 calories a day.

2 pm – Today, I am definitely hungry. Having trouble trying to work through the desire to munch. I did eat an egg, some cheese and some berries for lunch, but it’s not enough.

Day 5

8:30 am - My first thought when I made the coffee this morning was “only 3 more times.” Drinking it now, then will go for a walk.

Day 6

8:30 am - It’s getting harder to look forward to each day. 

2:30 pm – Had lunch a while ago. Hungry.

Day 7

7:40 - Tomorrow I get to have coffee my way! The Bulletproof Coffee isn’t awful, but I just don’t get the “Ahhhhhhhh….. coffee” enjoyment from it when I’m drinking it. It’s become a chore. But I committed to a week.

Seems as if the satiety of the Bulletproof Coffee has worn out. I was hungry by mid-morning. Was it a placebo effect? Did my week of buckling down on my diet and exercise make me extra hungry? Was it that the butter that wasn’t yellow enough?

I’m going to give myself a week off - a week with REAL coffee in the morning, and try one more week after that - with a different butter.


Satiety was great for several days, but it seemed to wane by the 5th day. I was keeping my calorie limit low and exercising hard as part of my ongoing weight-loss program. I did end up losing five pounds last week, about two more than I would any other week I worked that hard, and I wonder if I should have upped my calories. Each cup of Bulletproof Coffee had about 320 calories in it, and I counted them in my daily total. Those calories came from fats, but healthy fats. Five pounds a week sounds wonderful, but it’s not particularly a great idea for sustainable weight loss.

I seemed to have a little extra energy at times but I didn’t experience the mental clarity that’s supposed to come with the Bulletproof coffee. I was disappointed in that. I could really use some mental clarity and focus lately.

This morning’s cup of regularly brewed coffee was just about the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had.

I’m going to give myself a week off, and try it again for a week – this time with different butter. I’ll get butter from the farmers market on Saturday that definitely is from grass-fed cows. The original Bulletproof Coffee recipe makes it clear grass-fed is important, and I’m still skeptical that the butter I used was truly grass-fed.

As far as I’m concerned, the jury is still out on how effective Bulletproof Coffee is for me. I’m willing to try it one more time, though.

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