Would you want to meet face-to-face with all the people you’re friends with on Facebook? Each and every one of them?

An Australian man has set out to do just that. He’s having coffee with each of his Facebook friends, one at a time. Matt Kulesza is documenting his 1000+ Coffees project with a tumblr page. He posts a photo and a write up of each coffee date. So far, he’s met with 30 of his 1,088 friends.

The intro to 1000+ Coffees says he plans to continue this project over the next three years, or as long as it takes. Why is he doing it? It’s an exercise in “remembering to socialise with and get to know people outside the 'book.”

I mostly love this idea. There are people I’m connected with on Facebook who I haven’t seen since high school or college. Some people, like several of the writers here on MNN, I’ve never met in person. And then, there are those who are all over the country or out of the country who make meeting them a logistics problem.

But, let’s say logistics isn't the problem. Let’s say I had the ability to hop in a car, train or plane and pop off to anywhere in the world to have coffee with a friend. Would I really want to have a face-to-face sit down with every single one of my Facebook friends?

The answer is no. There are people who fall into two basic categories that I think I want to stay away from.

  • Old boyfriends, who would be out-of-sight, out-of-mind if Facebook didn’t exist. Either you broke up with me or I broke up with you. We stopped talking and lost touch for a reason. Facebook brought us back together from a very comfortable distance since we now have spouses and significant others. At one point I cared enough about you to date you, and I still care enough to “like” the pictures of your kids or your marathon medals, and sure, I’ll wish you a happy birthday, but my gut says it’s wise to not get any closer.
  • People who I’ve hidden. There are a handful of people who I’ve hidden, but for one reason or another have not unfriended. It’s usually because their political or religious views coupled with their inability to respect anyone else’s views make me want to smack them. I don’t think it’s smart to get within actual smacking distance of them, though.
There are many others though, who are long over due for a face-to-face catchup. I think I may start making some coffee dates.

Would you want to have real social interaction with every single one of your Facebook friends, or are there some relationships best left to the “like” button?

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Is meeting face-to-face with your Facebook friends really a smart idea?
One Australian is on a mission to have coffee, one-on-one, with each of his 1,088 Facebook friends. The question is, would you want to do that?