You can do it at the famous Grgich Hills Estate that won the Paris Wine Tasting of 1976 that put Napa Valley on the map.

You can grab a partner and compete at it during the GrapeStomp at the Annual GrapeFest in Texas. And you can probably do it at a local winery near you.

If you live near me, you can do it this weekend at Renault Winery near Atlantic City at the Grape Stomping Festival.

The grape harvest has started across the country and more and more wineries are inviting guests to join them in the wine making process by pressing the grapes the old fashioned way – by feet. Depending on what region of the country you are in, grape stompings take place between August and October. Do a search for the words “grape stomping” and your state’s name or the local wine region’s name, and you’re sure to come up a chance or two to stomp grapes near you.

So come on. Feel the squish of the grapes between your toes. It’s fun. Just ask Lucy.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

It's grape stompin' time
We loved Lucy when she took off her shoes, hitched up her skirt and stomped on those grapes. Don't you want to do it to?