I’ve long been a fan of kombucha. I love it so much that I make my own brew with a continuous kombucha system. So I was pretty thrilled when my husband told me about a new kombucha product that I think a lot of people will enjoy. It’s fizzy kombucha flavored to taste like popular sodas, and then sweetened a little extra with stevia. It's called Live Kombucha Soda. 

I’m not a fan of super-sweetened, nutrient-lacking soda. But I understand that it can be both hard to kick the habit, and that there are times when you just long again for the taste of the soda you used to enjoy. I know that some members of my extended family grew up enjoying certain foods together, like Mexican food with a Sprite, or pizza with a Coke.

Live Kombucha Soda

I think this product can be helpful for both these situations! For those weaning themselves off of soda, this could ease your withdrawal pains. For those who just want a fizzy drink to serve with a favorite food (perhaps with a healthier version of the food too – like these gluten-free pizzas), these are really fun to have.

I have only tried the root beer version so far, but I found it quite good. My family’s only complaint? My children don’t have a taste for soda, so they actually prefer the sourer, traditional kombucha flavors. That’s a good problem to have, I think. 

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